Roles of different developers


First let’s name them: 1 Engineer 2 Producer 3 Designer 4 Artist 5 Scientist

We can imagine that everyone is a finger of our hand. Then which finger will everyone be?

1 Engineer will be 3 if we count starting from thumb, because in most situations he plays really big role. He wrights code and puts everything together. _config.yml 2 Producer will be the thumb, because he brings resources and clients. _config.yml 3 Designer will be 2 finger, because he pointing to aim, he showing to others what to do, gives direction. _config.yml 4 Artist is the 5 finger. He creates look of product. _config.yml 5 Scientist is the 4. He analyses what clients want to see, helps to do game or other product more realistic. _config.yml I knew this from game disain course, but I want to be plastic surgeon, because I love bio and anatomy, also their salary is realy big.

Written on June 24, 2016